Ukraine Mission: Father’s House

In Ukraine, alcohol and drug addiction, and accompanying child neglect and abuse, is a very serious problem. Social Services involvement is minimal. In 1999, Harvest City Church began partnering with a new work to rescue and help children – Father’s House, a Christian home for children. Since then, several members of our congregation have traveled to Kiev to participate in the work with children.

FATHERS HOUSE is a large Christian home in a village an hour’s drive from Kiev and was opened in 2000. The children receive love and care at every level – physical, emotional and spiritual. Around 65 children live there at any one time. They are big groups at around 8 children but it gives the children an opportunity to see how a family functions and prepare them to hopefully be adopted. Children are able to live at Father’s House till they are mature enough to live separately and there is a mentoring apartment for young people to learn life skills. Father’s House has a church for children, “Heavenly Father’s House church” and is also attended by some of the village people.

We also partner with the CHILD RESCUE MOBILE UNIT, the only one of its kind in Ukraine. The Unit responds to calls reporting abuse and neglect of children 24/7. There is a team of Ukrainian Christian psychologists and social workers and headed up by Vera, a lawyer. If a child is in a dangerous situation, Police will back up the team and remove the child. In other situations, the children may be removed for a time (often to a medical facility if a child is in poor health) and the parents required to undergo rehabilitation. The conditions in the homes are very often extremely bad. Clothing, medical supplies and food many times are brought by the Unit team.

When children remain in, or are returned to, their homes, the team continues to make home visits. In 2017 alone, 193 families were on the Unit’s case books receiving visits, equating to 364 children who would otherwise receive no help at all if it wasn’t for the Unit. 43 children were placed in Christian centres. Also in 2017, 130 children from these crisis families were able to go to summer camps.


All donations to the Ukraine children’s work go to the work with children!