The Imagine Kids Program | Harvest City Church
7416 Victoria Dr, Vancouver BC, V5P 3Z3 Sundays, 10:30am - Celebration Event

The Imagine Kids Program

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At Imagine Kids, we work together, to turn pure imagination into prime reality. 

Everyone imagines, especially kids. Families imagine too, especially about their kids: their hopes, their dreams, and their future.
Welcome to Imagine Kids! Here we work together with families to turn your pure imagination into our practical reality.


Our goal: To prepare kids for Respect, Relationships, Leadership, and Excellence.


Serving Kids – Ages 4-12

We support and empower all children
to learn and grow together.



We Bless – Kids & Families

We honour children and their families
as valued contributing citizens.



Prayer Circle – All Welcome

We welcome personal and family updates, questions, and requests.



4 to 6 Group – Gym

We incorporate gym sports, group activities,
play time, and story time.


6 to 9 Group – Room 2

We include class materials, interactive lessons, and teacher support.


10 to 12 Group – Room 3

We introduce group discussions, life applications, and practical responsibilities.